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Georgia tried the zucchini today and LOVED them! Thank you!


Mac was very excited to try the zucchini and the beans. Both were BIG hits!


Alyssa Radman
Alyssa Radman
Our pup Finn loves Melba & Co treats, and we love them because they’re healthy! Finn had some GI issues, so we got him some Melba & co treatos, which allowed us to continue training without having to worry about upsetting his tummy!
We love Melba & Co., Roxy has always been a picky eater when it comes to textures but having that extra crunch from the dehydrated fruits and veggies will always get Roxy eating. Thank you for helping my sweet girl get her fruits and veggies in!

About Us

Pickering based, we are a fur-mom and pup team! Owner, Kandyce, does all the preparing and Melba does the taste testing and satisfaction guarantee! We decided to start this venture because of Melba’s love for dehydrated zucchini and felt that this love could benefit others as well.

What do we make and why?

Dehydrated pet treats! (Or human treats if you so wish). These healthy treats are one ingredient treats for veggies and fruits that are full of nutrients for your pet without any unhealthy preservatives or additives. They are also low-calorie!

Dehydration keeps all the nutrition while only draining the water from these products. They store easily and have a long shelf life.

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